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TED Talks: The Official Guide to Public Speaking By Chris J. Anderson

TED Talks: The Official Guide to Public Speaking
By Chris J. Anderson 

BookMattic's Rating: 5/5

Goodreads' Rating: 4.23/5

TED Talks is a wonderful foundation setter for anyone who wants to improve their public speaking skills. In fact I personally have used these skills not just in public speaking but also in a classroom setting or just while talking with friends. This book can be for anyone that is looking for ways to improve their confidence and get around common problems that occur during any point in the process of preparing and giving an effective motivative speech in a TEDlike talk format.

No matter whether you have had thirty years of public speaking experience or are a newbie, TED Talks is very informative in helping you to have an edge that not many people have. The book gives many examples of great talks given from famous people new and old such as Elon Musk and Tanya Harding. There's also some examples of things to avoid when giving a talk. Luckily the names of the people weren't mentioned out of respect. TED  has even given all of us a platform called openTED to share our knowledge together.

We not only get many great suggestions on how to give a fantastic talk but we get a little history behind how TED grew from just a local conference to a world wide web of knowledge and big step to creating world peace. I think knowledge and love spread through TED is a major step in the right direction. There's history of the importance of verbal communication and how the way we say things and the words we use can make a huge impact on the way people perceive and remember what we're saying. Words should be able to draw a picture in the audience's mind. The use of personalized stories is a major part of  communicating well and getting your point across.

One of the amazing things about TED is the fact that the maximum time that you are allowed to give a talk is 18 minutes. You may ask how in the heck can I talk about a major topic for only 18 minutes and make my point stock? Surprisingly TED Talks sets out a very organized structure to start you in the right direction to be able to give a meaningful speech, not just a mediocre one that pretty much anyone could give. The point of this book isn't to tell you how to give a talk but it is telling you how to give an emotional power building inspirational talk as well as giving you many suggestions and some big don'ts to be able to successfully pull off something that can change this world, and believe the author that it is possible for even an ordinary person to make a talk go viral even if you're just sitting giving your talk in your underwear shirtless at your house using a webcam. You get the point, because of the internet all of this is possible for anyone in the world.


  1. I have seen many TED TALK presentations on a wide variety of topics. I have found 95% (?) of them to be just as you described. It's,good to know there's a book available that could help me deliver that kind of successful presentation. Nice review!


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